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The movie ‘Crank’ is about British hitman( Jason Statham) in Los Angeles who is poisoned with a deadly Chinese venom and must keep his adrenaline pumping constantly in order to keep himself alive to end his adversaries. In doing so he wreaks havoc everywhere, gets into fights with other gangsters, bumps in to police and takes refuge in whatever drugs he can lay his hands on to. Thankfully, hero’s mental state and his mission are revealed right at the beginning of the movie, and you get ready to absorb whatever action that is thrown at you.


However, in “1-Nenokkadine” one has to sit through a long movie to figure out the all the adrenaline pumping scenes and the resulting havoc, while the hero’s mental state wavers from reality to imagination. The director keeps the movie in this limbo for too long and we watch helplessly as the unfolding scenes puncture the previous scene’s understanding. For instance, a decently choreographed and VFX touched action scene at the beginning, becomes a ploy to reveal the mental disorder of the hero. And this trend continues till the climax and beyond climax. Yes there are two for this film—one physical and the other mental? One has to watch it to find out. So, is there one good reason watch it? Sadly, only one, i.e.Mahesh Babu.  But he doesn’t need muddled films these prove his worth as a star and an actor. He is in the top league already.

Different films have to be accepted and the effort behind it appreciated. But this attempt of talented director Sukumar’s ‘Nenokkidane’ to concoct a rock’star’ing and entertaining psychological thriller falls short of everyone’s expectations. (Well, he did say in an interview that one should watch it without expectations. Now how is it possible for a highly publicized movie of Mahesh Babu and Sukumar? :))

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