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8 things you didn’t know about Amitabh Bachchan

Did you know that he dislikes the epithet Big B? Or that Harivansh Rai Bachchan considered Amitabh his greatest poetry ever? The author lists eight facts that you simply must know about one of the most influential actors of all times

3 I remember when I was studying at Sherwood College, Nainital, I won the Kendal Award (which was instituted in the memory of Shashi Kapoor’s father-in-law) for dramatics. Everyone expected me to win again the following year, but I went down with measles. My father on hearing that I was in the hospital came to be with me and slept next to me. He tried to distract me from the play that was being staged in the main hall and in which I was to play the lead. He used to say, “mann ka ho toh accha hai, na ho to aur bhi zyada accha.” It kind of sums up the philosophy of life – that if you get what you want it’s great, but if you don’t then it’s even better as you getting what god wills.

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