Sea Biscuit

There are some movies that become watchable not because of the cinematic elements alone, but the passion of the film makers….that intangible element that seems to seep through the screen into the audience hearts.
‘Sea biscuit’ is one just film.
The story is one of the most tried and tested in the Hollywood/Bollywood/Anywood…the underdogs perform and win. But it is the setting and the mileu, brilliantly captured by the passion of the crew, is what makes it worth watching. Let it be the excitement in the race track or the back-stable action…they are captured well, helped in generous measures by some excellent cinematagrophy and great music.
Jeff Bridges is as usual brilliant in a character that has many shades(some too predictable).
Chris Cooper is ok, and so is Tobey Maguire. All of them give creditable performances, but ultimately it is the spirit in which the film is made, that shines through, and the horse that plays ‘sea biscuit’ takes this spirit on its saddle.