‘The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo’

‘The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo’ is about two individuals–an investigative journalist and a freelance researcher–whose paths cross when the journalist (Mikael Blomkvist) is offered an assignment to track down a missing woman belonging to a rich business family.

Mikael, having just suffered an ignominious defeat in the courtroom and facing the imminent danger of losing his magazine ‘Millennium’, reluctantly agrees. He shifts his base to the countryside and under the pretext of writing a memoir of the ageing and semi-retired patriarch of the business house, starts probing into the family. Mikael solicits help from the girl researcher (Lisabeth Sandler), and both embark on a risky journey to unravel the dark secrets of the family.



The movie stays pretty much faithful to the novel, trimming the not so important aspects of the novel (like Mikael ‘s affair with Cecilia Vanger etc). David Fincher as usual does a very good job of unveiling the serial killer and his den towards the end.  Special mention for the production design (Donald Graham Burt) and music (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross)