Havells TVC: Mother-Son

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself-David Ogilvy

This TVC does stand out and hope it is selling the product:)

Heavily aired during the cricket series between India and Australia, this is probably one TVC that does not get on to your nerves, even when India is losing or when it interrupts a tense moment.

A rare feat for a non-comic TVC.

Overall, a brilliant TVC that stands out in terms of concept and execution.

Obama vs. Clinton: Leadership Styles

Instead, when successful transformations have occurred, it has almost always been the result of leaders who offer inspiring visions and values, identify clear goals, and then provide the context and opportunity for those below them to participate in the design and implementation of the actual business of change. That’s why, in general, leaders of large corporations have moved away from top-down “planned change,” and, instead, adopted a values-based, decentralized approach to organizational transformation.

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