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The Accident That Created An App Millionaire

One night in 2009, Chad Mureta, a real estate agent from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was driving down the interstate in Charlotte, North Carolina on his way back home from a basketball game. It was his first vacation day in two years.

As he drove, with just his thoughts for company, his mind drifted to earlier in the evening when he observed others at the game happily socializing, and realized something was seriously amiss with this own life.

Eighteen-hour days at his real estate office had taken its toll: he was miserable, disconnected from family and friends, and with the housing bubble-bust, his finances were in dire straits.

I need to make a change, he thought, but how?

In the very next instant, out of seemingly nowhere, a deer crossed his path and in an attempt to avoid it, his car hit a median and flipped over four times.

Two lives came to an end that night.

The deer died on impact and while Chad did survive, his old life, as he knew it, was over.

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