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Revisiting ‘The Fugitive’ 0 (0)

Prompt: A wrongly accused inmate, running lightning fast in the woods,
with full moon light reflecting in river water (Bing)

WHEN GENE SISKEL and Roger Ebert sat down at the end of 1993 to pick their 10 favorite movies of the year, they largely selected prestige, Oscar-bait films like The PianoThe Age of Innocence, The Joy Luck Club, and Schindler’s List. They skipped nearly all of the big multiplex hits of the year, including Jurassic ParkSleepless in Seattle, and Mrs. Doubtfire, making an exception only for The Fugitive. It’s an honor they didn’t give to Die Hard in 1988, The Terminator in 1984, Aliens in 1986, or many other great action movies of the VHS era.

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Here Come the Underdogs of the Robot Olympics 0 (0)

Prompt for Bing Image generator provided by Bard:Generate an image of a robot competing in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. The robot should be a solo competitor, and it should be struggling to complete a task. The environment should be a disaster-stricken area, such as a collapsed building or a burning forest. The image should be realistic and inspiring, and it should capture the spirit of the underdog.

The article “Here Come the Underdogs of the Robot Olympics” by WIRED magazine profiles Kevin Knoedler, an underdog competitor in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). Knoedler is a solo competitor who has entered both the DRC and the DARPA Subterranean Challenge (SubT). In the DRC, he finished dead last in the real-world portion of the competition, but he won the “Most Robots per Person” superlative award. In SubT, he crashed all of his aerial drones but dominated the virtual competition, finishing first with more than twice as many points as the nearest competitor. Knoedler is an inspiration to other underdogs who are trying to make their mark in the world of robotics.

The article also discusses the DRC and SubT competitions, which are designed to push the boundaries of robotic technology. The DRC is a series of challenges that test robots’ ability to perform tasks in disaster-stricken environments. SubT is a series of challenges that test robots’ ability to navigate underground environments. Both competitions are highly competitive, and they have helped to advance the state of robotic technology.

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Hollywood on Strike 0 (0)

Hollywood sign, cracks due to streaming services and AI, anime – Bing Generative AI

“Hollywood on Strike” is an analysis piece on the conflict between Hollywood labor unions and streaming service providers. The author, Ben Thompson, argues that this conflict is based on the upheaval of the traditional Hollywood business model brought about by streaming services like Netflix. Thompson notes that streaming services compensate creators differently from traditional broadcasters, a system that not everyone in the film industry sees as fair or beneficial. Thompson also suggests that because of the fragmented nature of streaming, shows have shorter runs and less syndication potential, depriving creators of a key revenue stream. This creates tension between creative talent and digital platforms. Thompson predicts that this situation may lead to a Hollywood strike, a move that could shift the balance of power in the industry.”

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