The Future of Telugu GPTs: What to Expect3 min read

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GPTs, short for Generative Pretrained Transformers, are like personalized versions of ChatGPT. Users can set them up to do specific tasks or talk about certain topics. This is done by giving instructions, adding knowledge, and choosing what the GPT can do. The best part is, you don’t need to know how to code to do this. This makes it a handy tool for experts in all sorts of fields.

To create a GPT, users chat with the GPT Builder in ChatGPT. They give instructions and upload files to build its knowledge base. They can also choose what the GPT is capable of, like searching the web, making images, or analysing data. GPTs can do all sorts of things, from helping with work or study, to entertaining users.

OpenAI has also launched a GPT Store. Here, creators can show off their GPTs and possibly earn money based on how much they’re used by the community. The GPT Store is a place where users can find and access different GPTs that meet their needs. Plus, business customers can make GPTs that are only for internal use. These can be tailored to specific business needs or departments.

Link to GPT store: (ChatGPT Plus subscription is needed)

Source: GPT Store, Open AI

When you look up “Telugu” in the GPT store, here’s what you find.

Source: GPT Store, Open AI

Randomly I checked, Tollywood Insider. It got it right the second time.

Source: Tollywood Insider GPT

Second was Vemana Vidya GPT.

Source: Vemana Vidya GPT
Source: Vemana Vidya GPT

After checking a few others, it seems that most of these GPTs use the same training data and internet browsing ability as ChatGPT, but they don’t include any custom knowledge or actions. 

But this is just the start. We expect that Telugu GPTs will get better and do more in the future. As more people use the GPT Builder, we might see more GPTs that are made for specific things. This could include GPTs for learning Telugu, making Telugu movie scripts, or teaching different subjects in Telugu. The possibilities are endless!

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