Bulldog DM live streaming amplifies new Hyundai model launches

Hyundai really embraced the power of live streaming and amplifying compelling real-time moments across viewer hubs on all social media platforms. We were thrilled with how they embraced a live streaming strategy and the results speak for themselves. We specialize in helping brands use live streaming as an important counter-measure to cord cutting, ad blocking and brand safety and we’re aware that 63% of millennials watch live video and 42% of them create it. Hyundai is a company that clearly understands innovation and their grasp of live streaming strongly reflects that grasp,” commented Bulldog DM CEO John Petrocelli

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Swiggy delivers over 500 million orders a year

Calling out the market opportunity that Swiggy is looking to tap, Majety said: “All of India has 2 lakh restaurants, compared to 3 lakh restaurants in Beijing alone. In India, 10-15 meals per month are eaten outside the home, of which 50-60 per cent is delivery. Compare this with other geographies such as the US, China or South-East Asia, where people eat outside food more than 50 times a month, as the supply ecosystem supports demand for high quality, affordable food options in these markets. Once the ecosystem catches up in India over the next 10-15 years, Indians will eat 40-50 meals per month outside, of which 70-80 per cent will be delivery. That’s the opportunity we are looking to address. We will work with partners to provide high quality food at Rs 120–Rs 130 a meal.”

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