3 Techniques Former President Barack Obama Uses to Stay Cool Under Pressure

“There’s no doubt by the time I was in my second term I was a better president than I was in my first term and it did not have to do with analysis or policy,” he said. “It had to do with what comes with any career — whether it’s sports or teaching or you name it — you get enough reps, enough repetition and familiarity with the nature of the problems that you start being focused on the task and not how-are-you-doing-on-the-task and the self-consciousness that comes with that.”


What did you like to do most when you were a teenager? According to Bill Gates, the answer to this question will tell you what career you should pursue. “The thing you do obsessively between age 13 and 18, that’s the thing you have the most chance of being world-class at,” he told Charlie Rose in an 2016 interview. So answering that simple, if offbeat, question can give you some clues about where to focus your energies. 

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Making Mentorship a Team Effort

Over the past decade, we have mentored hundreds of doctors in training, and learned lessons that apply to many settings. Key among these is that the traditional mentor/mentee model needs an update. While one-on-one mentoring remains critical, mentees also need mentoring teams that evolve over time. These types of teams were important in our own career journeys, and we’ve reworked the mentoring programs at our own institution to leverage them.

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