Ghatothkach:Where is the magic?


If you are an adult and still devour animation films, then ‘Ghatothkach’
is not for you. And, if you are a kid and love animation films,
then ‘Ghatothkach’ is not for you, either.

So, who is ‘Ghatothkach’ meant for?

Now that’s pretty tough question to answer, may be even for the movie director, Singeetham, post the movie release.

How about I try and decode his thought process. (i.e. if there was one)

Let me assume that, Singeetham had five reference points

  • First, a recent successful film called ‘Hanuman’
  • Two, a hugely successful film in the past called ‘Mayabazar’
  • Three, a prospect of global audience (?), waiting eagerly for a truly ‘Indian’ animation film.
  • Four, a gigantic marketing machine unleashed in the recent times, with McDonald being its latest addition.
  • Five, an itch to prove his versatility.

If you agree with me on the above, it should not be difficult to understand
why ‘Ghatothkach’ turned out be a hotchpotch.

Singeetham begins his story with the antics of Ghattu, (a la Hanuman),
fills the rest of the plot by borrowing scenes from the evergreen classic
‘Mayabazar’. Satisfied with his efforts, and giving himself the credit for
story-screenplay, he goes on to add music to his list as well.
In the music department, Singeetham attempts everything from ballads
to bhangra, just missing country music.

In the name of versatility, he gets Daler Mahendi to
croon ‘Delhi, Kolkata…’for a mythological character and
allow 2D characters turn inflated (3D) during the middle
of the movie.

Now after having done all this, would he not globalize romance?
He has the two lovers(Sasirekha and Abhimanyu) sing ballads and engage
in a tight lip lock.

The product thus made, Ghattu, the leader of the film’s merchandise,
makes his way to the McDonalds, just like the characters from Disney
do all over the world. But Ghattu sure has to bear the burden of a weak
product, unlike that of Disney.

Speaking of which, products or animation films from Disney have evolved
over the years. Right from the jumpy, 12-frames Mickey mouse cartoons
(that were just meant to showcase a new art called animation) to the
recent 3D wonders from Pixar(animation movies that took story telling
to a new high).

Sadly Singeetham’s film does not do much in either department and ends
up way short. Having been part of the creative team of the yesteryear
‘Mayabazar’ film, one sure expects a lot more from him.

City Slickers:Comedy, Chaos and Clarity

[Opening scene]
[running through the streets in front of angry bulls, deliberately]
Mitch Robbins: Whose idea was this anyway?

A movie about a mid-life crisis is nothing new.
A movie about buddies overcoming a crisis is nothing new either,
buddy pics are a rage in Hollywood.

So, what makes “City Slickers” interesting?- ‘Billy Crystal’,
the ‘cowboy’ premise, a judicious mix of emotions and comedy.

The movie traces a two week holiday that Mitch(Billy Crystal) takes along
with his friends Ed(Bruno Kirby) and Phil(Daniel Stern) take. This is no
ordinary holiday package in Hawai, but a wild west/cowboy kind driving
cattle from New Mexico to Colorado.

The setting provides enough material for Billy to be his usual self, mouthing
a lot of funny one-liners. And, amidst all the comedy and the chaos the
three friends find enough clarity to come out of their mid life crisis and move
on with their life.

A good watch even if you do not work for Seagate:)

Seagate goes ‘City Slickers’ route?

It’s what Watkins, 53, says at the start of every Eco Seagate, the annual
$2 million mother of all team-building events held at the bottom of the world.
That’s a lot to spend on what looks like a boondoggle. What does running
around the southern Alps have to do with engineering? Nothing, actually,
and that’s the point. The glaciers of New Zealand’s South Island form an
environment completely unfamiliar to the average tech worker. It’s expansive,
glorious, and awe-inspiring, but it’s also uncertain and intimidating, making
everyone feel off balance. Of course Watkins isn’t trying to kill his charges.
But he is making them uncomfortable as a way to open their minds. He thinks
Eco week, which Seagate has been holding since 2000, helps build a more
collaborative, team-oriented company. He also thinks it teaches his people
something about priorities.

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