City Slickers:Comedy, Chaos and Clarity1 min read

[Opening scene]
[running through the streets in front of angry bulls, deliberately]
Mitch Robbins: Whose idea was this anyway?

A movie about a mid-life crisis is nothing new.
A movie about buddies overcoming a crisis is nothing new either,
buddy pics are a rage in Hollywood.

So, what makes “City Slickers” interesting?- ‘Billy Crystal’,
the ‘cowboy’ premise, a judicious mix of emotions and comedy.

The movie traces a two week holiday that Mitch(Billy Crystal) takes along
with his friends Ed(Bruno Kirby) and Phil(Daniel Stern) take. This is no
ordinary holiday package in Hawai, but a wild west/cowboy kind driving
cattle from New Mexico to Colorado.

The setting provides enough material for Billy to be his usual self, mouthing
a lot of funny one-liners. And, amidst all the comedy and the chaos the
three friends find enough clarity to come out of their mid life crisis and move
on with their life.

A good watch even if you do not work for Seagate:)

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