Game of Thrones Season 8: Episode 1


(Spoilers ahead) The much anticipated season of Game of Thrones is here. GOT is popular all over the world as a show with all its elements, particularly its audacious storytelling. It stays true to this aspect even in the final season. One of its key features of the storytelling is the ability to surprise audience both with the twists to the key characters’ journeys and their sudden exposition.

If it were to left to someone else they might have kept Jon Snow ( now Aegon Targaryen) in dark about his legacy. But this is no  ordinary show. So the first episode ends with a definite chance for the character arcs to go haywire based on this new twist. What’s also very remarkable about the show is how consistently all characters seem to chase the throne once they attain a certain power. Eventually,  will Samwell Tarly will go after the throne too?

How to Deal With a Jerk Without Being a Jerk

Research in banks and real estate companies points to two effective ways to break a pattern of abusive supervision. One is to decrease your dependence on your boss. If you can minimize interaction, they can’t do as much harm. The other is to increase your boss’s dependence on you. If they need you, they’re less likely to treat you like dirt.

If all else fails, Dr. Sutton has a tip for changing your attitude toward the situation: Pretend you’re a specialist in jerks, and think about how you’re “really lucky to see this spectacular, amazing specimen.”

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