BI tools in Indian market

Today, BI has become an inherent business strategy rather than a mere IT application. Frost & Sullivan estimates the total Indian BI market size in 2005-06 at a little over $47 million.

Major players include SAS, Business Objects, Actuate, Cognos, Hyperion, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Terradata. BI analysis can inspire companies to launch new business ventures or hive off a business division.

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Field Medal? No, thanks

You don’t hear a such a big ‘No’ often.
And, it came from Grigory Perelman, the mathematician, when he gave the Field Medal a big miss.The same Field Medal which is described as the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, given every four years the best brains under 40 years of age.

But how could anyone say to such a recognition to one’s life long efforts? Is genius not meant to be rewarded? Can we understand Perelman at all? Or is he pretty much like a hundred-year-old mathematical problem that only he can solve?

Often dubbed as a reclusive mathematician, Perelman might have considered it too much of a distraction and an unwanted interference in his work.

Mm…Let’s look at what he had to say after proving the Poincare conjecture, which he did not even mention to anyone.

This was a famous problem. Some people needed time to get accustomed to the fact that it was no longer a conjecture.

Sometimes, for a change, greatness chooses to be simple and unnoticed.

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Hamburgers and the Oprah Effect

When restaurateur Jeff Weinstein launched The Counter, a hip build-your-own hamburger eatery with industrial decor in trendy Santa Monica, Calif., three years ago, word of the new hotspot spread widely and a hungry and loyal following quickly developed. In just three months, The Counter turned a profit.

Last summer, The Counter earned national recognition when it was ranked No. 15 in GQ magazine’s seminal list of “20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die.” However, Weinstein, 31, got a real boost in February, when his burgers were mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Call it the Oprah Effect: The Counter’s sales spiked from $44,000 a month to $245,000.

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