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Generating an email draft using ChatGPTplus

Here are some sample steps to generate an email draft around a video’s key takeaways.

  1. Review Video Content
    • Used the VoxScript plugin to retrieve and summarize content from a YouTube video about Bing Chat AI.
  2. Identify Key Takeaways
    • Extracted key takeaways from the summarized content to highlight Bing Chat AI’s features and capabilities.
  3. Define Email Purpose and Audience
    • Established that the email should generate interest in Bing Chat AI and identified the potential audience.
  4. Draft Email Structure
    • Created sections such as Introduction, Body, Call to Action, and Closing for the email.
  5. Incorporate Information
    • Integrated the key takeaways into the email, ensuring to highlight Bing Chat AI’s capabilities and use cases.
  6. Ensure Engagement
    • Utilized engaging language, emojis, and placeholders for personalization to enhance the email’s appeal.
  7. Revise and Shorten Content
    • Reviewed and, upon request, shortened the email content while preserving the main points and message.
  8. Present and Adjust the Draft
    • Shared the email draft and made adjustments based on feedback and additional requirements.

Generated using Bing AI