Fetten Jahre sind vorbei, Die: The Edukators2 min read

The Edukators tells the story of three disillusioned young friends, against the backdrop of the united Germany embracing capitalism. They fail to understand the disparity, where prosperity is limited to only a few while the rest are forced to work day in and out just to meet their ends. They wonder if their existence is just to grease the capitalistic machinery with their sweat and blood.  They are hurt, confused and decide to act.

Peter and Jan, transform themselves into ‘The Edukators’ to demonstrate the problems of plenty to the super-rich. They break into their designer homes  and make some nonsensical adjustments to the arrangement of their furniture, like leaving a stereo to chill in the refrigerator or decorate their bathroom with their most valuable antique collection. After redesigning their homes much to the chagrin of the connoisseurs, they leave a simple note behind: “Your days of plenty are numbered.”

Things take a different turn when Jule enters their life and shares their mission. A kidnap ensues and the three are forced to leave the town for a few days. In a desolate location, far from the crowds and their daily routine, the four discover the most important thing in their lives and find empathy in the unexpected quarters.

The movie asks a lot of questions. But these are well hidden and the tale moves briskly. And, just when you feel things are getting a little preachy, the film-maker provides good plot points to keep the interest intact. You empathise with the protagonists, even though you might not share their point of view. Mmm.. may be this is what the deprived and dejected need the most at the end of the day.

A little empathy and respect for the dejected and downtrodden goes a long way in creating a universally acceptable socio-economic system or making the existing system palatable. ‘The Edukators’ makes a strong case for it and in the process makes it a good watch, inspite of its unconventional style of film-making.