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In one of the best introduction fight scenes for a hero, preacher played by Clint Eastwood, after dousing a match fire by a goon says “You shouldn’t play with matches’ and before the rest of the gang react, gives them a  bashing they will remember for the rest of the lives.

Pale Rider is  classic commercial film woven around a legend, someone who shows up when evil forces are at full play and meek have nothing else to do but pray.  Clint Eastwood on a pale horse appears as if the prayers of a teen girl are answered and with him brings hell.
In short, Pale Rider is a about how a hero who rescues a poor village from the plunder of a rich businessman. Producer-Director Clint Eastwood, makes it a different fare, with religious undertones and a preacher as the lead character, who is out there to execute God’s will.
It is Clint Eastwood’s film all the way. As an actor and a director, he carries the film on his broad shoulders. A must watch for all time pass film and Eastwood’s fans.

Few good scenes, that are shot pretty well

  1. Preacher’s introduction and first fight.
  2. Preacher and the rich villain’s meeting
  3. Preacher rescue of teen age girl
  4. Lead scene to climax and the final action scene.

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