Da Vinci Code1 min read

The book starts off with an old curator of a famous French museum found dead in the museum just few blocks away from a DaVinci painting, the dead body displaying a strange posture…a Professor, a beautiful French lady police officer form an an unusual team that gets drawn in to the mystery. While the central plot is about unravelling the mystery behind the murder,  and the clues that are placed to unravel a bigger mystery, the sub plots and the history about ‘paganism’ and ‘female-worship’ should get anyone hooked to the novel. Like any other murder mystery set against several countries, the book moves at a fast pace with its own ‘red-herrings’ and twists to throw the reader off-guard and thus sustaining his interest.
Overall a good read…leaving some interesting questions behind about Christianity. Does make one wonder over ‘Shakti’ sampradaya and ‘Tantric’ worship.

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