Citizen Kane1 min read

This movie was voted the movie of the century by AFI and lot of other organizations…and yet it lives up to its hype.

One  can write volumes on the movie making aspects…cinematography, music, editing, screenplay etc…may be a volume each on every aspect of this movie.

But what is striking is the is the power of an individual, a la Howard Roark reflecting in the genius of ‘Orson Welles’. To conceive, to execute and participate in such a classic, and that at too at an age of 26 is simply mind boggling. His endeavor always reminds us of what an individual can achieve, in any field…not just necessarily in arts. And every frame of ‘Citizen Kane’ is a tribute to that fiery entrepreneurial spirit..I call it entrepreneurism because, there is a certain sense of arrogance, a maverick, a risk taking..that is not just reflected in the ‘character’ of Charles Foster Kane…but it is written all over in the movie making. To achieve such an outrageous result…you need to be outrageous yourself. And that’s Orson Welles for you.

And when the movie was finally made and went thru series of problems, he stuck with it…he was destroyed, but he left a masterpiece and all the memories associated with it.

Orson Welles, is almost Mr.Howard Roark in flesh and blood.