The Front Page (1974 film)1 min read

The Front Page is a good watch for all Walter Matthau-Jack Lemmon fans. It’s a black comedy, involving newspaper men, who will stop at nothing to get a (their) story printed.

Matthau plays the scheming, 1920s Chicago tabloid newspaper editor Walter Burns, who is just about to make a splash around the hanging of a convict, Earl Williams (Austin Pendleton). Lemmon stars as the star reporter Hildy Johnson, who had enough of his job and boss, calls it quits and make plans to marry Peggy Grant (Susan Sarandon) and start an advertising career in Philadelphia. Walter has to do everything in his capacity to manipulate Hildy to cover this one last story. Things go berserk, when convict Earl Williams (Austin Pendleton) escapes from death row just prior to his execution..

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