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Here’s an excellent video on the launch of new Bing, powered with an improved ChatGPT features. One cannot but appreciate the pace at which Microsoft rolled out this new version and even gave a sneak peak into how it integrates into the overall MS ecosystem. Right now it is not available to everyone and there is wailist that one needs get on it (Shucks!) but here are a few takeaways with the associated screen grabs.

Pic 1.

Search queries analysis, where the bulk goes into Navigational and Informational. Existing search does a decent job of these two, while everything else is an open field for new players.

Pic 2

Everything else category in search is right now vertical driven. Example Amazon that focuses on shopping related. This is where Generative AI can play a big role in integrating all these into a single window for the user.

Pic 3

The Prometheus Model of Bing and its value chain. Using its search index (which is further improved by AI) it would improve relevancy and retrieve up-to-date results. And in a chat window will deliver conversations with annotated answers which are location specific. All these delivered under a safety umbrella guided by its AI principles and values.

Pic 4

Why Bing? Ipproved search built on Core Fundamentals (Perfected over the years and AI impoved), Integration of Chat (Pumped up ChatGPT), Prompt Generation embedded in MS tools (Clippy’s huge makeover on the anvil), Improved Interactive and hosted on world class infrastructure (Azure Cloud).

Pic 5

Safety first at various levels. Model tuning with enough flags based on zillions of test interactions, Real time layer that derives from the model and also learns continuously, and ability to build safeguards in the application level using the existing meta language.

Pic 6

The forever learning process of Bing, through its daily usage, the analysis aided by OpenAI , the improvements being fed to Prometheus model, and in turn improvements being passed on in the next user interaction.

Here is the full video.

The Bing thing

Tailpiece: Satya Nadella mentions in WSJ interview that making money out of the new Bing will start the accepted way of advertising (dominated by the 800 pound Gorilla-Google) and take it from there. (Cloud subscription, product based subscription etc…on the cards?)

Tailpiece: If you grew up watching Doordarshan in 80s, you would certainly remember these ads of Gold Spot, ‘The Zing Thing’. Here is a sample ad.

Tailpiece: Prometheus in Greek Mythology

In some versions of the myth, he (Prometheus) is also credited with the creation of humanity from clay. Prometheus is known for his intelligence and for being a champion of mankind, and is also generally seen as the author of the human arts and sciences.[4] He is sometimes presented as the father of Deucalion, the hero of the flood story. (Source: Wikipedia)

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