The Professionals: A Mission of Ransom1 min read


“The Professionals” (1966) is a Western adventure film with top-notch characters and cinematography. Similar to “The Magnificent Seven,” it features four individuals with unique skills who come together for a mission.

The film follows wealthy man Joe Grant as he hires a team of soldiers of fortune to rescue his kidnapped wife Maria. The team, led by Henry Fardan, includes Bill Dolworth, Hans Ehrengard, and Jake Sharp. They journey through dangerous Mexican terrain and must use their skills to retrieve Maria and survive the trip back.

The film draws inspiration from the Mexican Revolution and includes themes of deceit and betrayal. With a rousing score by Maurice Jarre, the film features nonstop action and twists, leading to a satisfying conclusion. The film received three Academy Award nominations in 1966, including for Best Direction and Screenplay. “The Professionals” was a hit in 1966 and marked a successful period for lead actor Lee Marvin.

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