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The first time I watched ‘Assassins’ in 1995/96 (at Skyline Theatre in Hyderabad), the scene that captured my imagination was that of Stallone taking his next ‘hit’ assignment via a laptop, a modem connection and a mini color printer. I was yet to be exposed to these three gadgets, and that sense of wonder, helped me latch on to that scene. (At work I had a 386/486 and a dot matrix printer! Laptop and a modem were a good two years away.)


I knew nothing of the director Richard Donner back then. Stallone was just Rambo. And Antonio, what?
But I remembered the movie for its style, shot making and restrained acting performance from Stallone.

Almost a decade later, when I watched Trivikram’s ‘Athadu’, that played on a similar conflict between two assassins, I wanted to revisit this movie. Trivikram might have been influenced by the tag line “In the shadows of life, In the business of death, One man found a reason to live…”.

Caught a glimpse of the movie on TV channels, but never really got to watch the complete movie.Β It took me another decade to latch on to a good copy πŸ™‚


Interestingly making wise, I was still able to connect with the movie. Also, my soft corner for Richard Donner might have helped too πŸ™‚

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