The 3 Mistakes of my life: Chetan Bhagat1 min read

Chetan Bhagat’s pens another ‘unputdownable’ book in the genre of
of his earlier two new novels. It has all the ingredients that has
endeadered him to his readers–humor, friends, first love, first sex,etc.
Only this time, he choses a bigger canvass and he succeeds to a large

The book takes us through the journey of three friends in Ahmedabad,
set against the earthquake, the communal riots and the historic
India-Australia cricket series. Chetan while using them as the background
uses the incidents as plot points as well and steers the story around

However, somewhere down the line you get a feeling that Chetan
had Bollywood in mind:) Specially when the story turns violent
during the communal riots and the story threads hurry towards
a resolution, you can’t escape the Bollywood hangover.

Ovearll, if you overlook a few mistakes(anachronisms),
Chetan’s 3 mistakes is a good read.

One thought on “The 3 Mistakes of my life: Chetan Bhagat1 min read

  1. The book is good enough, but after his night at call center being cinematized, this one seems very bollywoodish & dramatic. But the book never looses pace, and is narrated good. A good masala indeed.

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