The Appeal:John Grisham1 min read

“The Appeal” is the latest from John Grisham’s stable and his 20th novel.

Unlike his other books “The Appeal” doesn’t jam onto one character so
much as its characters run a relay race of a plot, passing the baton
as the story progresses.And, for a change it is not about racism,
even though it is set in the South.Instead it is about a giant chemical
company which is making money at the cost of human lives.

The novel though starts off like a David win againt Goliath, for unknown
reasons traces the reversal of fortune. Rich guy makes more money
at the last, while the crusading lawyers find themselves bankrupt.
You are likely to remember movies like ‘The Civil Action’ and
‘Erin Brockovich’.

Though slow paced at times, the novel is a good read, specially
if you areinterested in how Supreme Court judges are elected.
Infact, it offers a great primer on campaign management:)

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