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‘Interstellar’ isn’t an easy movie to watch and digest in a single go. The fact that there are several articles out there that try to explain the concepts of physics et al that make their way into the story telling is a proof of this. Here’s one on Slate and on NBCNews

Matthew McConaughey plays a father of two kids, who in the face of dust storms and only-corn farms, sets out on a space mission to find an alternative dwelling to earth, before it’s too late for his family and rest of the earthlings. As his beaten truck leaves his distraught daughter behind, he begins his space odyssey, and a world of physics descends on us. Wormholes, blackholes, gravity, time, light, dimensions, singularity, etc etc are either shown or talked about.

The movie shifts from action to dialogue as if it were a space travelogue, but the film holds together thanks to its eclectic cast and superb production values. Amidst all the noise or the lack of it  in and around ‘space’, Christopher Nolan makes sure he weaves a sentimental fare that provides a thread to hold on to, for the physics uninitiated .

While every aspect of film making is outstanding, sound effects and background score deserve special mention. Speaking of background score, Hans Zimmer once again delivers his best for Nolan. The movie is worth a watch just for their collaboration. Here’s an interesting piece in

Movies I was reminded of : Gravity, Signs.

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