I see doomed people:Shyamalan1 min read

In M. Night Shyamalan’s film Signs, the protagonist suffers a crisis of faith
so deep that it takes an alien invasion of Earth for him to work it out.
In Shyamalan’s latest movie, The Happening, which opens today, the
protagonist suffers a crisis of reason. Unfortunately, this time not even the
looming extinction of humanity resolves it for him.

Given that it’s mass entertainment, the film raises a lot of interesting
questions about science, and it’s clear from it that Shyamalan’s interest
in science goes much deeper than a superficial mining of ideas for plotlines.
His protagonist, high school biology teacher Elliot Moore (played by Mark Wahlberg),
lectures about the limits of science’s ability to explain the world and applies
his critical faculties to staying alive when the “happening” happens.

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