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Vivah might have mixed reponse at the the box-office.
But Rajshri’s courtship with broadband has begun and is
making all the right moves.

First, it has some great content online available as ‘free’ video streams.
Second, it is fast building its content repository adding outside content as well.
Third, it is playing around with the medium by offering even its latest movie ‘Vivah’ for  fee download.

The last one sounds pretty promising on two counts.

  1. Create ‘openings’ akin to physical box-office openings on
    the internet
  2. To some extent manage the damage that result from the
    negative reviews on the internet by making a certain percentage
    of them watch the movie instantly
  3. And, if the movie is good, it would sure generate good
    mouth talk and it would spill over into the the other media as well.

While online business model continues to evolve for Rajshri Productions,
Bollywood lovers could  feast on some great videos and old Rajshri

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