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Body Heat

In 2007, I heard John Barry’s top hits and I liked the music of Body Heat so much that I decided the watch the movie. Later I bought the soundtrack and it has been one of my favourite movie scores even today.

Here are the chapters associated with the movie score.

  1. Main Title
  2. Ned
  3. Matty’s Place
  4. I’m Weak
  5. I’m Burning Up
  6. Chapeau Gratis
  7. Heather
  8. Kill For Pussy
  9. I’m Frightened
  10. Surprise and Explosion
  11. Heather and Roz
  12. Gus and Oscar
  13. Glasses
  14. Better Get Him
  15. Matty Was Mary Ann

Body Heat is Lawrence Kasdan’s debut movie inspired by noir classic ‘Double Indemnity”. Brilliantly shot film, and good performances, makes the movie a decent watch.

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