Varavelpu (1989)1 min read

Having the best intentions and hard work to match it, doesn’t ensure good results, especially if you are a simple and honest person. Muralidharan finds this out the hard way in the movie ‘Varavelpu’.

‘Varavelpu’ is about a sincere and honest gulf-returned Muralidharan (Mohanlal) who pours all his savings into a business and struggles to keep it afloat. His seven years of labour overseas, helps the careers of his elder brothers, but when it comes to returning the favor, they back out. His sisters-in-law, who compete to serve him lavish dishes upon his arrival, quickly downgrade him to rice gruel. Left stranded, he is forced to fight a system that is callous to new entrants’ travails and progressive thoughts.

Though this movie is set against the social political background of Kerala in the late 80s, it still mirrors the current problem of entrepreneurs and small business people. Everyone dishes out free advice but do not step forward when things go south for the individual, and worse still, pursue their personal agendas at his expense. Union Leaders, Local associations etc, do not offer any assistance and even hinder the efforts of a few helping hands like that of the mediating labour officer.

Mohanlal shines in a character, that allows him to play its various shades of innocence, frustration and finally a stoic realization. The way he internalizes all that happens to him and conveys with a simple smile or smirk, is a treat to watch.

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