The Wolf of Wall Street….1 min read

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is a delirious ride even for Martin Scorsese’s fans and with a duration of 180ms (175ms for the Indian version) one needs to be even more prepared. He teams up with Leonardo DiCaprio for the 5th time and extracts his career-best performance.

In many ways the movie is a tribute to all of Martin Scorcese’s films that assembles most of his well known elements into a world of excess. This time around the gang of criminals are well dressed stock brokers who take over the wall street. And this gang makes their clients invest in future, while they take home hard cash, which leads them every where, from broads to (Swiss) banks. In the end, their crimes like chicken, come home to roost.

There are quite a few brilliant scenes in the movie (lunch with Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio first meeting with Jonah Hill, Leanardo De Caprio’s meeting with the FBI agents on the yacht etc) and the lead cast shines through all of these.

In the end, a crispier and less ribald version would have served better? 🙂 The F word reportedly is used more than 500 times (Source: IMDB) and the director breaks his own previous record (Source: Variety ) 🙂

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