The Significance and Impact of the ‘Keyurani na bhushayanthi’ Verse in Our Lives2 min read

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“Keyurani na bhushayanthi” was the first verse recited every morning in the Sanskrit class on All India Radio (AIR) in past years, delivered with a melodious tune. For those interested, a rendition is available in the linked video.

The meaning of “Keyurani Na Bhushayanti” is profoundly significant. It asserts that a person’s true adornment does not come from bracelets, necklaces that shine like the moon, a clean bath, smearing or anointing, or flowers in the hair. These are mere external decorations, transient and diminishable. In contrast, the verse elevates well-cultured and groomed speech as the real ornament of a person. Such speech, when consistently practiced, does not perish like physical ornaments but remains eternally valued.

Lord Rama embodies this verse through his exemplary speech. In the Valmiki Ramayana, Lord Rama’s eloquence and effective communication mark him as a paragon of virtuous and cultured speech. His words, pleasing and wise, reflect his innate goodness and intelligence, earning him widespread admiration. Thus, Lord Rama personifies the essence of “Keyurani na bhushayanthi,” showcasing wisdom and virtue in speech over physical adornments.

Similarly, #Sai SatCharitra recounts how Shirdi Sai Baba cautioned against speaking ill of others, urging devotees to embrace self-improvement and avoid slander. Chapter XVIII & XIX highlight the importance of pure, kind, and considerate speech and actions. Like Lord Rama, Sai Baba’s teachings embody the verse’s message, emphasizing virtuous speech and actions as the true adornments of a person.

In conclusion, the verse “Keyurani na bhushayanthi” delivers a powerful message about the essence of true adornment. It reminds us that while physical ornaments are ephemeral, the ornament of cultured speech is everlasting and universally esteemed. Through the examples of Lord Rama and Sai Baba, we are inspired to prioritize virtuous and respectful speech, demonstrating wisdom and good conduct. This verse’s profound message continues to inspire and guide us, underscoring the lasting value of our words and actions in daily life.

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