‘The Perfect Murder’1 min read

Inspector Ghote/Naseeruddin Shah

Middle class is called so for a reason. They float between flying aspirations and ground reality. They need to prioritize everything in life, and Inspector Ghote is no different. He just has to prioritize even more…from a list of three or more important priorities at work and a zillion at home. He would love to travel abroad but he is prioritising his other ground priority, a colour TV.

‘The Perfect Murder’ (based on HRF Keating’s work) released in 1988 is a perfect film in terms of casting led by the sublime Naseeruddin Shah. He brings such a human touch to his portrayal, that if Police were to showcase a friendly brand at that time, he would’ve been the perfect ambassador. As a man stickler to process and procedure, and burdened under Indian culture and conditions yet determined to do his job, he delivers one of the finest performances surprisingly in a detective/inspector led crime movie role. All the other cast members including the veteran Amjad Khan with his Indian English (only), shine in the Mumbai backdrop film.

With a new series around Inspector Ghote, around the corner, it will be interesting to see how the new avatar would take shape. Will it be a tech savvy reboot like Sherlock or a gritty and grisly Perry Mason? Worth finding it out.

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