The Ballad of Lefty Brown1 min read

Bill Pullman

Bill Pullman as an actor is known for his supporting roles, in blockbusters like ‘Independence Day’ (1&2) and ‘The Equalizer’.

In ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown’ he gets to play the protagonist and he pulls it off with élan. It’s a very difficult role to portray…as someone who is struggling to find a footing in life even after 60 years and suddenly receives a jolt when his friend is shot dead. He plays a character that is almost dumb witted to outside world and hence cannot show much of a change in his demeanor or expressions. (In contrast the other two— Jim Caviezel as Governor James Bierce and Tommy Flanagan have decent scope to show transformation as their characters evolve. I haven’t watched Tommy Flanagan much after ‘The Gladiator’ and he does a superb job in this film.)

It takes a while to get connected to Lefty Brown and once we do, we root for him all the way. Overall the movie makes it a good watch for all westerns’ fans, with revenge and suspense thrown in for good measure.

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