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Hollywood on Strike

Hollywood sign, cracks due to streaming services and AI, anime – Bing Generative AI

“Hollywood on Strike” is an analysis piece on the conflict between Hollywood labor unions and streaming service providers. The author, Ben Thompson, argues that this conflict is based on the upheaval of the traditional Hollywood business model brought about by streaming services like Netflix. Thompson notes that streaming services compensate creators differently from traditional broadcasters, a system that not everyone in the film industry sees as fair or beneficial. Thompson also suggests that because of the fragmented nature of streaming, shows have shorter runs and less syndication potential, depriving creators of a key revenue stream. This creates tension between creative talent and digital platforms. Thompson predicts that this situation may lead to a Hollywood strike, a move that could shift the balance of power in the industry.”

Full article here–> https://stratechery.com/2023/hollywood-on-strike/

Adobe’s Firefly AI image generator: No copyright infringement guaranteed

Adobe is so confident that its new AI image generation tool, Firefly, will not infringe on copyrights that it will cover businesses’ legal fees if they are sued. Firefly is trained on Adobe’s own image library and can create new images from scratch or expand existing ones. It is available now to enterprise customers.

Used this prompt and variations of it to get the image below

Adobe’s guarantee: “Firefly generative AI won’t breach copyright. will cover your legal bills if it did”

Another prompt:

Another prompt: