Jesse James: The outlaw2 min read

Release Date : January 27, 1939
Genres: Western, Drama
Duration: 1h 46m
Rating: 3/5
Director Henry King
WriterNunnally Johnson
Produced byDarryl F. Zanuck, Nunnally Johnson
StarsTryrone Power, Henry Fonda, Nancy Kelly, Randolph Scott
Cinematography              George Barnes, W. Howard Greene
Edited by             Barbara McLean
Music by              Louis Silvers
Production Design by
Production companies20th Century Fox

Major Rufus Cobb: [standing over Mrs. Samuel’s body] There’s no use. She’s dead. This is bad! Mighty bad! I’m sure sorry!

Barshee: Well, I’m sorry too!

Major Rufus Cobb: Oh, I wasn’t talking about her. She’s gone. It’s you I’m sorry fer.

What is it about

Railroad agents evict the James brothers from their farm and kill their mother. In order to avenge their mother’s death, Jesse and Frank set out to rob banks and trains.

Thumbs up

Western setting
Lead Cast

Thumbs down

Final verdict

A good watch for old movie lovers, especially for the western aficionados. Probably one of the first outlaw films, a wronged common man forced to take law in his own hands.

Management Concepts/ Lessons/ References

Nobody is a villain in their own story. We’re all the heroes of our own stories.

–George R. R. Martin

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