Gurus on Business Strategy1 min read

I think life is all about circles and not straight lines. You can
jump onto the circle anywhere you like. Number one, is having
vision–call it an objective, call it a goal, it is the idea of where
you want to go. The beginning of strategic thinking is where
you are working out the vision strategy, then it’s mapping out
the ways in which you could deliver that, like policies you put in
place. Overall a series of moves in chess is a strategy. Each move
is a tactic
Lord Thurso

In the book, ‘Gurus on Business Strategy’, Tony Grundy starts off with a
definition of Strategy and then goes on to give a brief introduction of
the most influential gurus and their contribution to the business world.

The book is a good start for any business-strategy enthusiast; it also
serves as a decent reference for a seasoned guy.

So, if you are in the rush for a meeting and you need a quick refresh of
some of the top-notch concepts, this book comes in quite handy.

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