Gravity: Dizzying spectacle..1 min read

Just a few minutes into the movie, you could get dizzy by the sheer vastness of space, and tracking the protagonists suspended in gravity-less void. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play two astronauts–Dr.Ryan Stone and  Matt Kowalski–who meet with an unexpected danger (what would one expect in space anyway) and struggle to make it to safety. While Matt is a veteran, Dr.Ryan is on her first mission which soon turns into a nightmare. It is her point of view, that of a suffering rookie, that gives the movie its challenging and triumphant moments.

If in ‘Castaway’  Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) bonds with one Mr. Wilson (who is nothing more than a bloody handprint on a volleyball), in ‘Gravity’ Dr.Ryan bonds with Matt and latches on to his every word even after he is long gone, to keep her going.

‘Gravity’ is a spectacle of the first order, with a special mention for sound design and editing. It ‘s a near impossible feat to create a thriller with just a character stranded in space (for the most part), but the film makers pull it off.

The movie is a must watch for all sci-fi movie lovers.

I was reminded of Steven Spielberg ‘Duel’  where the point of view shifts form the protagonist to that of the villain, to create that sense of imminent danger even when the chase isn’t on. Just substitute the truck with space.

Here are two articles on the movie’s VFX

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