Good to Great1 min read

Co-author of this book also wrote ‘Built to Last’ (If a corporation is doing great, does it have a formula, a set of things which it has done right. ‘Built to Last’ book traces the life cycle of several such corporations)

“Good is the enemy of great”
If everything is going good it doesn’t always mean it can’t be better. And worse still if you do not why you are good, then there is a chance that you will never be great. Why should anyone aspire to be great?¼br /> ¼br /> The criteria for selecting the companies that have made the transition from Good to Great is based on results. Results as the research team headed by the author, Jim Collins, felt should reflect their success. So,here goes the criteria

“Fifteen year Cumulative stock returns at or below the general stock market,punctuated by a transition point, then cumulative returns at least three times more than times the market over the next fifteen years”

So, what does those list of the great companies have in common, is all about ‘Good to Great’

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