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A hero’s transformation has a trigger (an external event that is plot driven) and a culmination of series of events that marks the completion as an internal experience (character arc based). Throughout the movie, such transformation keeps happening—single or many. The internal experience keeps building based on character’s beliefs etc and becomes the core of the character. Sometimes such core is presented as various aspects of the character during the progression of the story, and it influences the people around him.

For example, in the movie, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, Andy’s first transformation is getting used to the prison life, followed by others including that of him becoming dishonest to siphon off Warden’s dirty money. However, his hope, no matter what stays intact. Being a mentally tough person, Andy’s nature brings about certain change in people around him—immediate and for good—and depending on the person who he is, it affects them in a certain manner. For Red, Andy is a very positive experience, while for Warden it becomes a deadly one. As the movie progresses, there are external incidents that are out of the character’s control (Sisters etc) and there are some that Andy takes into his own hands (building the library, the big act towards the climax etc). It is this wonderful combination of what happens to him (external events) and what he makes it happen (out of his core), that moves things forward.

In summary, a character with a strong core (good/bad/gray aspects) when presented with interesting inciting incidents becomes a complete fare. Movies that sport characters with strong core and interesting inciting incidents, have long legs and that same applies to books etc. (If the character is Rama, it becomes Ramayana, if the character is Corleone it becomes The Godfather, if the characters were Colonel Nicholson and Colonel Saito,  it would become ‘The bridge on River Kwai’ etc.

And …

  • if the character is a mast chichora or a bindaas guy and he stays that way even at the end of the movie,  it becomes a ‘DJ Tillu’. ‘DJ Tillu’ is one such guy, with the above references common in Hyderabadi Lingo, who thinks he is doing the right thing even when others beg to differ, especially the elders like his father. He lives in his own world; with his own gang and does what he feels is right, much to the chagrin of his father. And then one day, the unthinkable happens when he is struck by a femme fatale.
  • ..the core of the character is? He talks as he feels like and does what he feels like, and goes with the ‘flow. There is another term for such character ‘Gaali Ravi’ (popularised in the movie ‘Shiva’). He gives back to everyone including his father. (He is a bit like the hero in ‘Julayi, but without transformation in the end, probably this is the reason why Trivikram is given credit or for the last dialogue towards the end?)
  • What can happen to a guy who is dying to sway at even the lightest wind? To make it interesting the screenwriters resort to screen’play’ with larger than life external events (like a tsunami).
  • It results in an engaging movie. It is about a below ordinary person thrown into extra-ordinary situations.

DJ Tillu is like a day in the life of the hero of ‘Julayi’, with his deep realisation and his inner experience saved for another day. May be for a star hero like Allu Arjun, ‘Julayi’ works and for an upcoming hero like Siddhu Jonnalagadda the flat characterization and oomph does.

As they say the movie is a time pass watch, depending on how valuable your time is.

Giving the credit where it is due.

  • Not many producers would greenlight a movie like ‘DJ Tillu’, and Sithara Entertainment does stand apart from the crowd. Reading or listening to the script of the movie, and assessing the final output and its impact are very difficult for a film like ‘DJ Tillu’ and they do it with aplomb and success.
  • Completely crafted as a hero with an attitude film, it sports a terrific performance from the lead actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda who also shares the writing credits. The film has enough twists to make you glued to the screen throughout and the final twists provide enough hero swagger. Music by Thaman is an asset with the title song stealing the show. Siddhu Jonnnalgadda, sets out to do an attitude and style based movie and sticks to it throughout, with witty dialogues.


What makes a film stay in the minds of audience? A good for nothing guy who constantly picks up fights with his father or someone who takes him seriously. Even films like The Godfather, is based on family values. The hero usually redeems himself not just by his actions or by virtue of the plot alone, but his character transformation as well. Hmm…

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