Cat O’ Nine Tales1 min read

If there is any writer who could match the detail of a ‘Arthur Hailey’

and savagery of a ‘Frederick Forsyth’, it got to be Jeffery Archer.
And Mr.Archer brings more to the table. He spices up the procedings
with his unique style of humour (yes! spelt as h-u-m-o-u-r)

His style is quite evident in his epic novel ‘Kane and Abel’ or
the simple n’ sweet revenge tale ‘Not a penny more, Not a penny less’.
Cat o’ nine tales gives us the same old taste in a new bottle, packed
fresh from the prison.

As the name obviously suggests, Cat o’ nine tales, has nine
intruiging tales spanning a wide range of topics. While one story deals with
a husband’s murder attempt of his wife, the other deals with a
restauranter’s tax evasion.Once again the former reminds you of
Frederik Forsyth’s ‘No Comebacks’ and the later takes you back
to Arthur Hailey’s ‘Money Changers’.

Overall, Cat o’ nine tales is an interesting read. One could say Mr.Archer’s
time in prison was well spent and that his fellow inmates contributed to
another best seller:)

You will definitely enjoy the stories better if you’ve sampled the street
life of London alteast once.

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