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What is more, he retains the simplicity and the humility of yore. Speaking to this correspondent recently at the launch of a book on his films’ posters, he said, “I am happy that people want me even at this age, that film-makers still want me…. I may not be happy with all the jobs I do, but I am nervous about every new venture, be it a film or a television show. It is important to be nervous. That way you give your best. You are not smug.”

Indeed, he is far from smug. Forever reinventing himself, forever pushing boundaries, Bachchan has scoffed at all the norms of cinema. Now, it is the turn of television, where he is set to make his acting debut later this year. He still retains the same nervous energy. “Every day I am apprehensive before facing the camera. I rehearse my lines for hours. We all try to reach a situation where we become so natural that the camera doesn’t exist for us. I don’t know if I have been able to achieve it.”

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