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In 1994, just after I finished my engineering, and a few months after watching ‘Jurassic Park’ (in Sangeet, Secuderabad), I attended a demo of a training institute.

I was very impressed by their presentation, that stopped just at hinting that dinosaurs were bred in their backyard :).

I did not pay heed to the strong caution of a pragmatic friend, who tried to educate me about the difference between demo and reality, and joined ther animation+VFC course.

I realized pretty soon that with those 486 PCs/Pentium PC and 256MB RAM, and my artistic abilities, even a tail of a dinosaur was a distant dream 🙂

And, all I did was some title animation. Need proof? Here we go 🙂

But, it’s always a pleasure to revisit Spielberg classic–Jurassic Park, 3D or 4D or….:)

So, without much do, I present an excellent article (a bit long) on the VFX of Jurassic Park and the latest 3D offering: http://bit.ly/12nCX2b

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