TV advertising is fiction.1 min read

“Mobile is more flexible than TV, which makes it cheaper. What an advertiser spends per impression on mobile is much less than any other medium” Srikanth Kakani & Preetesh Chouhan of Vdopia

In monetising app of a TV show, the first area is acquisition of the app. This means not buying it but partnering with the content owner. Our partnership with the content owner goes before the TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil became popular. Second is the app developer world. We have developed solutions that go to a lot of app developer ecosystems across the world and we integrate at the source itself. To understand this, consider yourself as an app developer and who loves building games. Once you have built an app, go to our website and download our SDKs (software development kits) which are a bunch of codes for the app and put the app in an app store. As people start playing the game, the ads are served and the app developer starts earning. But why Comedy Nights with Kapil and not a movie? Because in mobile, TV content is more popular than movies.

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