‘The Living Daylights’…1 min read

‘The  Living Daylights’ was the first Bond movie I watched on the big screen. Pretty early on, in the Gibraltar’s sequence, there’s special sound effect when a monkey jumps on Bond.   It was pretty good back then, it grabbed my attention, and probably my first introduction to the world cinema sound.

After a few decades, I revisited the movie in full on a blu-ray. Even now, it takes a while to get used to Timothy Dalton as James Bond. Once you do, the movie doesn’t disappoint. Spread across a multitude of locations all over the world, with a nice little love track thrown in, the movie has enough going for it, in the thrills department.


Like all Bond movies, the prelude shot on the rock of Gibraltar, hooks you on and the rest of the movie comes across at a decent pace. John Barry’s music as usual, is brilliant with the title song by A-Ha being one of the best amongs title songs.

In many ways, ‘The Living Daylights’ indicated a shift in thinking of James Bond portrayal. Interestingly this was picked up when Daniel Craig reprised the role.

Tail piece: A blogger feels that the monkey scene might have been after thought. Here is the weblink: https://operationgrandslam.wordpress.com/2014/12/30/the-living-daylights/).

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