The Angrez1 min read

There is something about Hyderabad which every Hyderabadi feels strongly about and misses its flavor, specially when he is away. There could be many things contributing to this unique flavor…Biryani, irani chai, Charminar, the inimitable slang with which every word is served, being some of them.

‘The Angrez’ does a good a job of presenting as many things as possible and showcases the Hyderabadi flavor. Infact, it does such a good job that it becomes difficult to enjoy the entire movie, if you are not a die-hard Hyderabadi yourself.

Now, to analyse the story or the discuss the craft of the film would be a gross injustice to the spirit of this film. However, there is enough material to keep you interested for the entire duration aided by adequate technique. There are good performances from the lead cast, with the ‘old city’ gang standing out.

Overall, it is a must see for every Hyderabadi.

And, if you take a leaf out of ‘Salim Pekhu’ ways, at the end of the movie, you will sure say ‘The hyderabadi flavor is so strong that you could smell the biryani and irani chai while watching ‘The Angrez’.’:-)

Final word: You will like it better if had no ‘Hyderabad Blues’ hangover.