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The Getaway (1972)

The Getaway (1972)https://www.instagram.com/p/CPo7l8FDYyY/

As they say a movie is made at the editing table. One can straight away see the brilliance of it, right at the beginning of the movie–‘The Getaway’. Just in a few minutes, the mental condition of the lead actor (Doc-Steve McQueen) is exposed and so is his adversary, set against the mundane prison conditions. If in the initial phase of the movie, we get to see how ordinary day to day stuff can be presented so strikingly, towards the end, the climax is anything but normal. But once again, the editing brings in so much to the gun fiesta that Steve McQueen hosts and makes sure he leaves no prisoners.

‘The Getaway’ movie gets away with quite a many faults and controversial themes, dipping into the fountain of the terrific screen presence of Steve McQueen. Rest of the contribute whatever they can, to the vision of director Sam Peckinpah–his style overtaking the substance.

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