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The Art of Filmmaking: K. Viswanath’s Career and the Craftsman Mindset

K. Viswanath is a name that needs no introduction in the Indian film industry. With over five decades of experience and more than 80 films under his belt, Viswanath has made a mark as a legendary director and screenwriter. His unique style of storytelling and attention to detail have earned him a place in the hearts of audiences and critics alike.

In his book ‘So good they can’t ignore you’, Cal Newport talks about the principles of a ‘craftsman mindset’ and how it is the key to success and happiness. This mindset is characterized by a deep focus on developing one’s skills, a strong work ethic, and an unwavering commitment to quality. This is in stark contrast to the popular ‘passion hypothesis’ which suggests that pursuing your passions will lead to success and happiness.

K. Viswanath’s career is a prime example of the principles of the craftsman mindset. Let’s take a closer look at how Viswanath embodies these principles in his career and the impact it has had on his films.

  1. Focus on Developing Your Skills:
    • K. Viswanath’s journey to becoming a legendary filmmaker began with his focus on developing his skills. He started his career in the film industry as a sound engineer and worked tirelessly to perfect his craft. In this role, he developed a deep understanding of sound design and the impact it can have on a film.
    • He was meticulous in his attention to detail, always striving for the best possible sound quality in every film he worked on. This focus on developing his skills and his strong work ethic soon caught the attention of others in the film industry. He was offered the opportunity to work as an assistant director on several films, and it was here that he discovered his true passion for filmmaking. He continued to work tirelessly, always striving to learn more and perfect his craft.
    • Over time, he developed a deep knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking, from directing and screenwriting to cinematography and editing. This commitment to developing his skills and his relentless pursuit of excellence laid the foundation for the successful career he would go on to have as a filmmaker.
  2. Strong Work Ethic: Dressed in Khakhi on the movie locations, K. Viswanath is known for his tireless work ethic and his commitment to delivering high-quality films. He is dedicated to his craft and his unwavering focus on delivering the best possible film. In his film ‘Swathi Muthyam’, Viswanath shows his ability to bring a complex story to life and his determination to make every aspect of the film perfect.
  3. Attention to Detail: K. Viswanath is known for his meticulous attention to detail, which is evident in every aspect of his films. He pays close attention to the smallest details, from the lighting and camera work to the performances of his actors. In his film ‘Sankarabharanam’, Viswanath showcases his ability to bring the intricate details of classical music to life and his commitment to quality.
  4. Passion through Mastery: K. Viswanath’s passion for filmmaking has grown over the years as he has mastered his craft. He has developed a deep love for filmmaking through his commitment to perfecting his skills and his unwavering dedication to quality. In his film ‘Saptapadi’, Viswanath demonstrates his passion for storytelling and his ability to evoke deep emotions through his characters.

In conclusion, K. Viswanath’s career is a testament to the power of the craftsman mindset. He has focused on developing his skills, demonstrated a strong work ethic, paid attention to detail, and developed a passion for filmmaking through mastery. His films are a timeless reminder of the impact that can be made through hard work and dedication to one’s craft.