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Agni Devan: A Journey Through Relationships and Leadership

Agni Devan is a character drama film that explores the leadership of a family newspaper by two brothers with contrasting opinions on how it should be run. One brother approaches the newspaper with a business mindset while the other (Mohanlal) prioritizes passion in his approach. This conflict reflects their ideological and attitudinal differences and creates tumult in family relationships.

Revathy plays a female cousin in the film who becomes caught up in the troubles between the two brothers. Her role as a bold and confident woman is characteristic of her acting abilities. The film is a treat for those who enjoy dialogue-centric dramas with well-defined characters. The interactions between Mohanlal and Revathy’s characters are particularly noteworthy and are executed with grace and depth.

One of the key features of the film is its sense of nativity and the cohesive identity of its setting and locality, which is a common characteristic of many Malayalam films from this period. The film has a few crude moments of physical scuffle, but overall, it is a well-crafted character drama that should appeal to those who appreciate strong characterizations and dialogue-driven narratives.