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In the Episode 7 of the web series—Rocket Boys—there is a beautiful interview scene between the characters of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr.Vikram Sarabhai. My first reaction after watching the series completely (ends with Episode 8), was to pick up my copy of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s autobiography—Wings of Fire—and look for a reference to this in his book.

Rocket Boys does two things for you. First and foremost it creates an element of curiosity to dig deep into the real life of the lead characters. Second, it makes us acknowledge the scientific sprit of India and cheer its successes. This is a feat not many can match, in the recent times.

“Rocket Boys” is a brilliantly made web series that dramatises the space and atomic revolution in India. It primarily deals with the overlap of the lives of Dr.Homi J. Bhabha and Dr.Vikram Sarabhai, with the hero in wings, Dr.APJ Kalam,  making his entrance and his presence felt. It stands out in all crafts, especially in writing and production design department, with the lead actors, casting a spell on the audience. The subject matter so Indian yet has the potential to woo audiences all over the world. Wonder why Sony Liv is still not available abroad, especially in USA.

Tail piece: Did I find a reference to the interview in ‘Wings of Fire’. No. Does it matter? No. Do I wish it were true? Yes. Is Rocket Boys a must watch? Yes 🙂

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